Democratical Dues & Don'ts

TO: Obama & Co.: I hope you're in a fucking PRODUCTIVE huddle. You need to make nice with the media, and quickly. They were INSTANTLY seduced by Palin, and you seem pretty stunned yourselves. (I am too, FWIW.)

I LOVED (L.U.V.) the pig comment! I'm glad you didn't apologize! Your instincts are ON target. We just have to pray you can gather 'round some big guns to act as bouncers, because things are gonna be getting REAL ugly real quick now. If you're reduced to defense only, that fight just won't last long. It's hard to think on your feet when your hair's on fire - no one does that well for long. We need a bunch of firemen on the scene, and major water resources. And they should be folks with serious power - time to put their mouths where their money's been! NOW is the time for THEM to get pissed, & righteously so. Hollywood, talk your talk to heartland fans & fams, get them where it hurts for Nov. 4!

TO: Hillary & Co.: Hillary Clinton is the PERFECT person to go after Palin, no holds barred. Clinton's the only one who the Repubes can't tar, because of the way they've been "sympathizing" with her. But instead of lambasting anyone with ANY harshness, recent Clinton speeches have held MUCH unmelted butter. (As if SHE were still a candidate, needing to maintain exaggerated politeness.)

All three Clintons seem to be leaning way way back, arms crossed over chests, smirking. Sending out destructive vibes for the demise of their own party. And not all that covertly. Lapping up Republicans' "sympathy" like duped dopes. The untoward Clintonian reticence is wrong, so very wrong. The Clinton legacy is, clearly now, as rotted as indeed it always seemed to some. Those they still can attract are held by strange bonds.

I do not understand at all the sense of entitlement, as if Hilary's ascension to the throne was pre-ordained, as if campaigning were just a mere formality before her inevitable crowning. The only people I know of owing anything to Hilary Clinton are her husband and his partners in marital crime. The rest of us are not only allowed but REQUIRED to evaluate ALL contenders, and to CHOOSE our CURRENT favorite. Upstarts are a REGULAR and very WELCOME phenomenon of our political system. GET OVER IT. And quickly...if it's not already too late to recoup some grace. You threaten your own future chances when your true colors show so heinously. You obviously hold voters in the same kind of contempt the Republicans always have, if you think your actions can't be correctly evaluated by the vast majority of us. We are not children who can be drawn unthinkingly into action with fancy toys, and games. We understand what goes on. You play a very dangerous game.
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Do Not Miss THIS WOMAN'S SINGING, and the chance of your soul being forever altered, in a supremely excellent fashion.

The entirely encroyable KATELL KEINEG will be performing the next three nights at the Living Room, at 154 Ludlow Street, 212-533-7235.

•Thursday, May 1, 9pm - tix
•Friday, May 2, 10pm - tix
•Saturday, May 3, 9pm - tix

Listen to Katell for free right now at, maybe starting with her ever-haunting first album, ô Seasons ô Castles

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So Far

Listen to Santogold by Santi White for free at free.napster.comI'm enjoying Santogold quite a bit. It's fun hearing all the old waves, and Ms. White puts a whole new bunch sur la table.
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Loving TSCC, HATING the Bionic Woman

Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles is SO DAMN GOOD.

Cameron is an amazing character. And of course so is Sarah. The boy is getting a bit less wispy. He was chosen clearly for his teen-idol looks, but he's getting good too. I love the main FBI guy. And Cromartie is amazing too.

LOVED the swimming pool FBI-killing scene. Jesus, the cinematography, Johnny Cash singing Kingdom Come.

I can't write much about it, it's too deep. Inside.

The stupid shitty neo-Bionic Woman (AKA shite) killed off their only really good character, Antonio. I wonder if the actor playing him was responsible for the title of the 5th epi being "The Education of Jaime." That's a fantastic song by The Family Stand, which really suited the script. But they played some really saccharine drippy shit instead. And then killed Antonio. HOPE YOU GET CANCELLED, BITCHES. I used to like Ferrer (playing the head guy) but he's such a lame-o on this. The whole thing's become a barf-fest.

I let The Family Stand know about them using the title, and Sandra St. Victor wrote back! How cool is that. Way, I say.
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Rusty Cages

This 4th epi of Life. Wow-effin-Za. Roman. Oh my goodness. Badness, rather. A worthy opponent.

I'm not sure I can watch anymore. This is going to be very. Very. Bad.
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